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avikalaadj1unimpaired; entire; regular; orderly
avidyāf1ignorance; spiritual ignorance; (in Vedānta phil.) illusion (personified as Māyā); ignorance together with non-existence
aśāntaadj1unappeased; indomitable; violent; wild; restless; unresigned; unconsecrated; not sacred
aśītif1eighty; the eightieth
aśeṣaadj1without remainder; entire; perfect; all; without (the snake) Śeṣa
aśrāddhaadj1not performing funeral rites
as2. P.2to be; to live; to exist; to be present; to take place; to happen; to abide; to dwell; to stay; to belong to (gen. or dat.); to fall to the share of; to be equal to (dat.); to turn out; to tend towards any result; to prove
asamaadj1uneven; unequal (either by birth or in surface or number); odd; unvergleichlich
asuram2a spirit; good spirit; supreme spirit (said of Varuṇa); the chief of the evil spirits; an evil spirit; demon; ghost; opponent of the gods; a name of Rāhu; the sun; cloud; name of a warrior-tribe; name of a Vedic school; [alchemy] sulfur
ah1. P.3to say; to call; to consider; to declare; to acknowledge; to state; to adjugde anything