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aind4[gramm.] the sound a; eh bien!; (ibc., negating particle); [gramm.] the root han; [gramm.] a taddhita affix
akampyaadj1not to be shaken
akṣatamn1a eunuch; unhusked barley-corns; a kind of disease
agnim3fire; sacrificial fire (of three kinds); the number three; the god of fire; the fire of the stomach; digestive faculty; gastric fluid; bile; gold; name of various plants; mystical substitute for the letter r; Semicarpus Anacardium; Plumbago Zeylanica and Rosea; Citrus Acida; [alchemy] the doṣa called vahni
agniśikham1name of a teacher; another name of Somadatta, father of Vararuci
agran6foremost point or part; tip; front; uppermost part; top; summit; surface; point; sharpness; the nearest end; the beginning; the climax or best part; goal; aim; multitude; a weight equal to a pala; a measure of food given as alms; the sun's amplitude; Blume (eines Getr¦nks, d.h. erster Schluck)
agratasind2in front; before; in the beginning; first; (with gen.) before; in presence of
aṅgan10a limb of the body; a limb; member; the body; a subordinate division or department; the number six; name of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas; a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five); any subdivision; a supplement; (in Gr.) the base of a word; anything inferior or secondary; anything immaterial or unessential; (in r
aṅgahāram14gesticulation; a position in dancing
aṅgulamn3a finger; the thumb; a finger's breadth; (in astron.) a digit; name of the sage Cāṇakya
aṅgulimf6a finger; a toe; the thumb; the great toe; the finger-like tip of an elephant's trunk; the measure aṅgula; a kind of plant
aṅguṣṭhakan1= aṅguṣṭha = thumb; finger
acalaadj2not moving; immovable; firm
acalam1a mountain; rock; a bolt or pin; the number seven; name of Śiva and of the first of the nine deified persons; name of a Devarshi; name of a son of Subala
aciraadj1not of long duration; brief; instantaneous; recent
añc1. Ā.1to go; to move; to tend; to honour; to make round or curved; to request; to ask; to speak indistinctly; biegen
añcay10. P.14to bend; to make curved
añcitan2name of a particular position in dancing
añjalim2the open hands placed side by side and slightly hollowed (as if by a beggar to receive food); reverence; salutation; benediction; a libation to the Manes (two hands full of water); a measure of corn
aṇum2an atom of matter; a small part of a muhūrta; Panicum Miliaceum; name of Śiva; the individual soul