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akṣaadj7having eyes
agran1foremost point or part; tip; front; uppermost part; top; summit; surface; point; sharpness; the nearest end; the beginning; the climax or best part; goal; aim; multitude; a weight equal to a pala; a measure of food given as alms; the sun's amplitude; Blume (eines Getr¦nks, d.h. erster Schluck)
aṅgan6a limb of the body; a limb; member; the body; a subordinate division or department; the number six; name of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas; a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five); any subdivision; a supplement; (in Gr.) the base of a word; anything inferior or secondary; anything immaterial or unessential; (in r
aṅgaadj7having members or divisions; contiguous
aṅgarāgam2application of unguents or cosmetics to the body (especially after bathing); scented cosmetic
aṅgīkṛ8. Ā.1to take the side of; to agree to; to assent; to promise; to confess; to approve
acalaadj1not moving; immovable; firm
acāruadj1not pretty
añcalamn1the border or end of a garment; shawl; corner (of the eye)
atiind2very; extremely
athaind1an auspicious and inceptive particle (not easily expressed in English); now; then; moreover; rather; certainly; but; else; what? how else?
adṛṣṭaadj1unseen; unforeseen; invisible; not experienced; unobserved; unknown; unsanctioned
adyaind50to-day; now-a-days; now
adharam1the lower lip; the lip
adhikaadj2additional; subsequent; later; surpassing (in number or quantity or quality); superior; more numerous; abundant; excellent; supernumerary; redundant; secondary; inferior; intercalated
anind1[negation before vowels]
analam2fire; the god of fire; digestive power; gastric juice; bile; wind; name of Vasudeva; name of a Muni; name of one of the eight Vasus; name of a monkey; Plumbago Zeylanica; Semicarpus Anacardium; the letter r; the number three; (in astron.) the fiftieth year of; the third lunar mansion or Kṛttikā (?); Plumbago rosea
anāthaadj1having no master or protector; widowed; fatherless; helpless; poor
anukamp1. P.1to sympathize with; to compassionate; to reconcile
anucintay10. Ā.2to meditate; to consider; to recall to mind