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aṇuadj1fine; minute
atiind5very; extremely
atyāvaśyakatamaadj1extrem notwendig
adhikāram1topic; paragraph or minor section; governing-rule; authority; government; rule; administration; jurisdiction; royalty; prerogative; title; rank; name office; claim; right; privilege; ownership; property; reference; relation; a topic; subject; a paragraph or minor section; (in Gr.) government; a governing-rule (the influence of which over a
adhipatim2a king; a commander
ananyajam2name of Kāma or Love
anirvacanīyaadj3unutterable; indescribable; not to be mentioned
anutarṣam2thirst; wish; desire; a drinking vessel (used for drinking spirituous liquors)
anudarśanan1consideration; regard
anubhū1. Ā.1to enclose; to embrace; to be after; to attain; to equal; to be useful; to help; to turn or incline to; to notice; to perceive; to understand; to experience; to attempt
anubhavam2perception; apprehension; fruition; understanding; impression on the mind not derived from memory; experience; knowledge derived from personal observation or experiment; result; consequence
anuvartanan1obliging; serving or gratifying another; compliance; obedience; following; attending; concurring; consequence; result; continuance; supplying from a previous rule
apatyan1offspring; child; descendant; a patronymical affix
aparokṣaadj1not invisible; perceptible
apiind2also; moreover; besides; assuredly; surely
aprāptaadj1unobtained; unarrived; not accomplished; not yet full-grown; not resulting (from any rule)
abhāvam4non-existence; nullity; absence; non-entity; negation (the seventh category in Kaṇāda's system); proof from non-existence (one of the six pramāṇas in Vedānta phil.)
abhyanujñānan3assenting to; approval; authorization; permission
abhyutthānan2rising from a seat through politeness; rising; setting out; rebellion; elevation; gaining a high position; gaining authority; respectability; (said of destiny) gaining efficacy; power; rise; origin; birth