The corpus page

This page gives a short overview of the complete corpus of DCS. After the name of each text and of its author, several links lead to further information about the text:
  1. A green square shows that the text is complete.
  2. S(how) displays the text on the text page.
  3. B(bibliography) leads to the bibliographical details (cmp. this link).
  4. D(ictionary) opens a page on which an individual dictionary for the selected text is displayed.
    This dictionary contains only those lexemes that are mentioned in the selected text. There are two modes of display:
    1. If the text contains less than 10.000 lexical items, all occurrences are displayed on one page.
    2. If the text contains more lexical items, they can be accessed by selecting the first letter.
  5. The page also lists an approximate time slot to which the text belongs, and a subject according to a classification provided by Peter Scharf (refer to Sanskrit Library).
Starting from version 1.6., it is possible to generate overviews of how the texts are distributed over time slots and subjects. Select the grouping mode from the listbox "Display mode" to access this information.