FrameNet annotations


FrameNet is a lexico-semantic resource developed at the University of Berkeley (have a look at the FrameNet page). It uses so called frames for annotating English texts with discourse semantic action scenarios. Each frame consists of ... Extensive definitions of these components can be found in the frame index of FrameNet.

Given these components, the task of Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) consists in assigning the correct frames and roles to words in a sentence. Consider the Sanskrit sentence sa bhīmasenāya gadām adāt. The FrameNet annotation of this sentence would look like this:

saDonor bhīmasenāyaRecipient gadāmTheme adātTARGET

The same colour scheme (red = target, green = core roles, grey = non-core roles) is used on the annotation page, where users can select a frame in the listbox at the top of the page to display its current state of annotation.

Philological use

To my knowledge, frame annotations have not yet been used in Indological studies, although they offer interesting new perspectives for philological research. Just a few ideas:

How to?

Annotation procedure

To annotate a sentence, proceed as follows:

Further considerations