The query page

Basic query

By using the basic query interface, you can search for words or groups of words in the DCS (follow this link for the technical details). Please note that the DCS works with a database of Sanskrit lemmata. Therefore, it is, for instance, possible to search for the lemma nala (which retrieves all inflected forms of this noun), but not for the instrumental nalena.

To search for a single word, enter the word in the field "Word" and press the button "Search!" (alternatively, press the ENTER button on your keyboard). If results matching your query are found, they are displayed below the input field as links to the respective detail pages. In some cases, the input string is ambiguous (e.g., rāj may be a verb or a noun). Please select the word you were looking for from the list of results.

In addition, it is possible to find words based on their meanings from the Monier-Williams. For this kind of search, activate the checkbox "Search for meanings" right below the field "Word". This type of query is especially interesting when you use the wildcards ? and *. Searching for *tree*, for instance, yields all Sanskrit words whose meanings contain the term "tree".

When using the basic query, please note the following points:

  1. The basic query only finds the desired result if you enter the word in exactly the same way as it is spelled in the DCS dictionary. If you type rāja instead of rājan, you will get details only for the noun rāja from the a declension and not for the much more popular noun from the an declension. To find out which words are contained in the DCS dictionary, you may have a look at the dictionary page.
  2. When a word is found in the DCS, the number of its occurrences is printed right after the word.

Query with wildcards

For a more flexible search, you may use the following wildcards or placeholders:
Wildcard Meaning Examples
* No letter, one letter or more than one letter r*j:
rañj, rāj, ruj and ratnarāj
amitavikrama, vikrama, savibhrama
? Exactly one letter r?j:
rāj, ruj ?vi?rama:
It is possible to combine the wildcards or to use more than one wildcard in a query. If there are too many results that match a query, you are asked to restrict the query criteria. Therefore, something like a* won't work (use the dictionary page instead)!

Multi-word queries

You can add single words to a multi-word query by clicking the link after each search result. The current multi-word selection is displayed at the bottom of the query page.
Press the button "Go!" for starting the multi-word query. It will search for text lines that contain all selected words.


Diacritics are entered using the following key combinations (make sure that JavaScript is activated):
Letter Key Additional key(s)
R Ctrl+Alt