Topics in the DCS

Starting from version 1.4., the DCS displays topics for some of the chapters. During the last few years, topics such as "Medicine", "dharma" or "politics" have been assigned manually to chapters in the DCS. The menu item Topics opens the site where the top categories are displayed. Use the selection list at the top of this site to view the subtopics and their occurrences.

In addition, topics associated with a chapter are displayed on the text page just below the chapter list.

Some caveats when using this feature:

  1. Topics were not assigned to all chapters.
  2. Topics reflect my (= OH) ideas about the content of a chapter, and are, therefore, open to any kind of discussion. Users should keep in mind that this function was (and is) not a primary scientific aim of the corpus, but just an add-on.
  3. I tried to use the Library of Congress classification system as guide for designing the top levels of the topic hierarchy when I started annotating the chapters. It soon became apparent that this system may not be the best choice for classifying Indian literature. Therefore, some parts of the hierarchy (e.g., on medicine) may seem a bit more structured than other ones.
  4. Some chapters were assigned to topics using a "batch function"; this means that, for example, all chapters in alchemical texts were assigned globally to the topic "Alchemy". This may result in wrong attributions in some cases (chapters of alchemical texts that do not contain any alchemical content etc.).