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Associated topic(s): for material success, riches, wealth, prosperity, for protection, safety, and luck

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ojo 'sy ojo me dāḥ svāhā // (1.1) Par.?
saho 'si saho me dāḥ svāhā // (2.1) Par.?
balam asi balaṃ dāḥ svāhā // (3.1) Par.?
āyur asy āyur me dāḥ svāhā // (4.1) Par.?
śrotram asi śrotraṃ me dāḥ svāhā // (5.1) Par.?
cakṣur asi cakṣur me dāḥ svāhā // (6.1) Par.?
paripāṇam asi paripāṇaṃ me dāḥ svāhā // (7.1) Par.?
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