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anusārinadj1following; attendant on; according or conformable to; penetrating; scrutinizing; investigating
anekaadj1not one; many; much; separated
antam2end; limit; boundary; term; end of a texture; end; conclusion; end of life; death; destruction (in these latter senses some times neut.); a final syllable; termination; last word of a compound; pause; settlement; definite ascertainment; certainty; whole amount; border; outskirt; nearness; proximity; presence; inner part; inside; condition;
anyapron1other; another
aparapron1the other; another; future; next
apiind20also; moreover; besides; assuredly; surely
apūrvaadj1unpreceded; unprecedented; not having existed before; quite new; unparalleled; incomparable; extraordinary; not first; preceded by a
abhiprāyam1aim; purpose; intention; wish; opinion; meaning; sense (as of a word or of a passage)
abhiruh6. Ā.1to ascend
abhilāṣinadj1wishing (with loc. or ifc.)
arjay10. Ā.1to get sth.; to aquire
arthamn6aim; purpose; cause; motive; reason; advantage; use; utility (generally named with kāma and dharma); thing; object (said of the membrum virile); object of the senses; the number five; substance; wealth; property; opulence; money; (in astron.) name of the second mansion; the mansion of wealth; affair; concern; (in law) lawsuit; action; havi
avatāramn1descent (especially of a deity from heaven); appearance of any deity upon earth (but more particularly the incarnations of Viṣṇu in ten principal forms); any new and unexpected appearance; any distinguished person in the language of respect is called an Avatāra or incarnation of a deity; opportunity of catching any one; a Tirtha or sacred
avāp5. Ā.1to reach; to attain; to obtain; to gain; to get; to get by division (as a quotient); to suffer (e.g. blame or unpleasantness or pain)