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aind162[gramm.] the sound a; eh bien!; (ibc., negating particle); [gramm.] the root han; [gramm.] a taddhita affix
akavacaadj1having no coat of mail
akāmaadj2without desire or wish; unintentional; reluctant; (in Gr.) the Sandhi which causes the dropping of a final ᆴMDBOᆵ~rᆴIV1ᆵᆴMDNMᆵ before a succeeding ᆴMDBOᆵ~rᆴIV1ᆵᆴMDNMᆵ; unwilling
akṛṣṭapacyaadj1ripening in unploughed land; growing wild; (said of the earth) giving fruits without having been ploughed
aktum5tinge; ray; light; dark tinge; darkness; Farbenspiel
akūpāram1the sea; tortoise; name of a man; name of an Aditya
akratuadj2destitute of energy or power; foolish; free from desire; powerless
akṣ5. P.1to reach; to pass through; to penetrate; to pervade; to embrace; to accumulate (to from the cube?)
akṣīf4a kind of plant (??)
akṣin16the eye
akṣaadj2having eyes
akṣam4an axle; a wheel; car; cart; the beam of a balance or string which holds the pivot of the beam; a snake; terrestrial latitude; the collar-bone; the temporal bone; name of a measure (= 104 aṅgula)
akṣum2a kind of net; Stange; a snare
akṣan17the eye
akṣam19a die for gambling; a cube; a seed of which rosaries are made; Eleocarpus Ganitrus; a weight called karṣa; Beleric Myrobalan; Terminalia bellerica Roxb.; a name of the number; berry
akṣaṇvatadj1not injuring; having eyes
akṣaraadj1imperishable; unalterable
akṣaran9the syllable om; a vowel; a sound; a word; name of Brahma; final beatitude; sacrifice; water; Achyranthes Aspera; religious austerity; a syllable
akṣitif4imperishableness; unfailingness
akṣitaadj21undecayed; uninjured; undecaying